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From cold house to warm and cosy home

Towards the end of last year we've received an application from a 68 year old customer who lived alone in an owner occupied accommodation. Struggling with mental health problems including high levels of anxiety and a hoarding disorder whilst also living on low income and still repaying a mortgage, our customer had insufficient funds to maintain her property and was anxious to let anyone in to the property to do any works. The gas boiler in the property had been broken for 5-6 years meaning our customer had been living without heating or hot all these years!

The customer was happy to feedback that the whole Happy team have been kind, understanding and supportive throughout the entire process and that the installer was very reassuring, made her feel comfortable and at ease throughout the 3 day installation.

Customer's old condemned boiler

She was then able to enjoy access to heating and hot water - just in time for the February snow. After following up with customer she had let us know that she feels more motivated now that she has hot water and no longer relies on hot water bottles to keep her warm at night or boiling the kettle to wash.

If you are struggling with keeping your home warm, on low income or in receipt of means tested benefits - apply today to apply for your energy efficiency grant


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